Synonyms: fragile, breakable, frangible, flimsy, brittle these adjectives mean easily broken or damaged. these adjectives mean easily broken or damaged. synonyms for fragile: breakable, delicate, frail, frangible, sensitive, tender, negligible, off; antonyms for fragile: infrangible, nonbreakable, strong, sturdy. this fragile system allows an untimely death or an early retirement to drastically change the direction of american jurisprudence for decades. easily destroyed, ended, or made to fail: 3. fragile applies to objects that are not made of strong or sturdy material and that require great care when handled: fragile porcelain plates.

[ french, from old french, from latin fragilis, from frangere, frag-, to break; see bhreg- in indo- european roots. fragilely adverb. what is the difference between fragile and breakable? word origin late 15th century ( in the sense ‘ morally weak’ ) fragile : from latin fragilis, from frangere ‘ to break’. köse ne demek. more definitions, origin and scrabble points. he is in an emotionally fragile state. powered by oxford dictionaries. fragile: [ adjective] easily broken or destroyed. what is a fragile claim to fame?

examples of fragile in a sentence. altın fiyatları bigpara. — alvin chang, vox, " the volatility of the supreme court,. what is the synonym of fragile? sting performs " fragile". find deals on fragile in rock mp3s on amazon.

the two countries have formed a fragile coalition. breakable and frangible mean capable of being broken but do not necessarily imply inherent weakness: breakable toys; frangible bullets designed to break apart on impact. what is a good sentence for fragile? ] fra· gil′ i· ty ( frə- jĭl′ ĭ- tē), frag′ ile· ness n. the sense ‘ liable to break’ dates from the mid 16th century. ( of an object) easily broken or damaged: " fragile items such as glass and china" similar breakableeasily brokenbrittlefrangiblesmashablesplinteryflimsyweakfrailinsubstantialdelicatedaintyfineeggshellopposite robust▪ flimsy or insubstantial; easily destroyed: " you have a fragile grip on reality" similar tenuouseasily brokeneasily destroyedeasily threatenedvulnerableperilousflimsyshakyrockyriskyunreliablesuspectnebulousunsoundinsecureinformal: iffydiceydodgyopposite sounddurable▪ ( of a person) not strong or sturdy; delicate and vulnerable: " a small, fragile old lady" similar weakdelicatefraildebilitatedtotteryshakytremblyillunwellailingpoorlysicklyinfirmfeebleenfeebledunsoundinformal: dickyopposite strong. a fragile object is easily damaged or broken: 2.

fragile definition: 1. constitutionally ( see constitutionally 1a) delicate : lacking in vigor. scrabble points: 11. lacking substance; tenuous or flimsy: a fragile claim to fame.

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